We spend all day looking for new products that we think the HippieHero.com customers will like. We’re always interested in hooking up with new suppliers and manufacturers. Here are some of the things we’re always on the lookout for;


There is hardly anything better for us than to help out the artist community. If you specialize in hippie art and would like to work with us to create a product and merchandise it on our store we’d love to talk with you.


Some of the jewelry and hats that we sell in our store are lovingly handmade by people like you. If you make a product that you think would fit will into the hippie genre please get in contact with us. If your product contains the image of a person you must be licensed to reproduce that image in your products.

Manufacturers and Reps

We’re always interested in working with new manufacturers and manufacturer representatives. Your products must fit into the hippie genres. If your product contains the image of a person you must have a valid license to reproduce that image. Please be prepared to talk about lead times, pricing, available inventory and quantity discounts.